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Re: [cdt-dev] Standard Make and Prebuild Commands

On 6/30/08, Karol Krizka <kkrizka@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 12:57 AM, James Blackburn
<james.blackburn@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> so I prefer just
>> to run the generator as the prebuild command and then run standard
>> make. Is that possible?
> Could you not just wrap your build procedure in a shell script
> 'your_make' which builds your makefiles before running make on them?

That would work too, thank you. But in the end I found a different
solution. I made my project a "Managed Make" project and extended the
IManagedBuilderMakefileGenerator. In the extended class, I turned the
*generateMakefiles methods to call my prebuild script, which created
the Makefiles, and had the getBuildWorkingDir return the directory

where the Makefile was generated.

I think ideally there should be an extension point in toolchain definition for a makefile generator. Not sure if there is much need to it in real practice, even if many use configure. Probably prebuild command would do. But prebuild would be definitely useful. So would postbuild command.
I would still prefer that I could just specify the prebuild command in
the plugins.xml file, but I guess that is not possible right now. But
I'm wondering if the CDT developers would be interested in a patch
that allowed this. If yes, then I could try creating it. There is
already a bug report requesting for it.
+1 to that from me.

Karol Krizka

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