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Re: [cdt-dev] Detailed formatter feature for CDT, feedback welcome!

Thanks for your support guys.

I've created enhancement request 237960 [1], and added my patch there. I'll add more details as soon as I get the chance, got to run! :)

Tor Arne


Schaefer, Doug wrote:
Yes, this is very cool. And for feature rich APIs like Qt and STL, I can see this being very useful.

It would be good to not be gdb specific. We have a lot of debuggers that we integrate with that are not gdb. (BTW, I've restarted the Windows debugger integration as an exemplary integration that's not gdb). This is where need something like Eclipse Monkey, or whatever the latest Monkey du jour is, to let us attach scripts this way. (Also, I'm not sure how the JDT does it, do they use scripting?)

More details in a bug/enhancement request would be great.


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I really like the idea too, though it's obviously GDB-specific. Would it be possible to make this available as a patch to a bug?

Tor Arne Vestbø wrote:

I've spent a few of my creative Fridays implementing the
JDT Details
Formatter feature for CDT, and would like some feedback on
my approach.
You can find the branch here:

Right now it's just a big commit, but I could try to divide it into smaller pieces if possible.

My approach was to copy as much of the GUI stuff from JDT, and then re-implement the back-end using GDB macros, which are
loaded into the
debug target. That way we could perhaps move the common parts to platform later on.

There' still a lot of stuff missing, like showing the
result for mouse
hover, or having formatters for base classes apply to
subclasses too,
but the general framework is there.

Here's a few screenshots:

What do you think?

Tor Arne

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