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[cdt-dev] CDT 5.0 Questions

First again, nice work currently. I even got some colleagues which get attracted by CDT5.0 features like:
- CrossReference (see below about the result view!)
- Macro expansion & Hover
- Include Browser (very nice and useful here ;))
- Highlighting of unused code (very useful in our 3rd-party #ifdef code hell)

We currently use several IDEs at work, depending on the project and task, e.g. Codewright, Slickedit, VisualDSP++, MS Visual Studio. So mainly your competitors are CodeWright (which is not developed anymore anyways) and Slickedit for editing features. The common sense is, that MS VisualStudio is not the proper tool for editing C code, while C++ migh be ok. VisualDSP++ is mainly used for our Blackfin development and used for debugging. I did not find it very useful to browse/edit code really (not code completion, no crossreference).

For the release of CDT 5.0, is there anything that will make it into this release: 1) The search references view, will the new search view make it into CDT 5.0. I mean the grep like search result view, which lists all references in all files line by line. I don't really like the old one, which just says 'file.c -> symbolXYZ (n matches)' where you then need to cycle thorugh the results.

2) Do you mind, adding multiple paths to the Path&Symbols, by selecting all the paths in a tree view, like in the Import ->From Filesystem dialog?

3) The mylyn integration, even though its great to have, is there a way to setup the highlighting properties e.g. in the project explorer? The color of context stuff is black, the not-context is a light grey, which has not much difference here? Maybe the context items could be set to e.g. bold.

4.) My old time favourite, will the colorization of the build console work somtimes in windows? You can setup the colors for normal, info and error messages, but everything in my build console is black on white. I thought, I had already issued a PR but can't find it.

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