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[cdt-dev] Using popup menu Convert To... and property of toolChain - convertTold

Hello! The question about Plug-in development for CDT. (I've asked it in Newsgroup - no replies.) I've developed my own projectType, configuration and toolChain (tools, etc...) by using org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.buildDefinitions. All works perfectly.


Question #1. How can I use popup(context) menu "Convert To..." in Project Explorer for each C/C++ project to change standard GCC and my tool chain? And could I? When I try, it tells me: "No converter \n There ara no converters available to convert the project trampampam". How to develop this converter?

Question #2. Is the property "convertTold:" of projectType/toolChain for this purpose? If not, what it is? If yes, how to use it (could you give me some simple example?)?

Thank you very much.

P.S. I know, that tool chains can be changed by Project -> Properties-> C/C++ Build -> Tool chain editor. But can I do it this way?
P.P.S. Sorry for my bad English...

Best regards,

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