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Re: [cdt-dev] Finding selected project name in Project Explorer via Java code

How about this?  May be a bit round-about but seems to work whether the
selection is a project, a leaf node (file) or container (folder in
between).  May not work on some of the indirect resources like include
files etc., however.

      protected void sampleGetSelectedProject() {
            ISelectionService ss=CommonPlugin.getDefault().getWorkbench
            String projExpID = "org.eclipse.ui.navigator.ProjectExplorer";
            ISelection sel = ss.getSelection(projExpID);
            Object selectedObject=sel;
            if(sel instanceof IStructuredSelection) {
            if} (selectedObject instanceof IAdaptable) {
                  IResource res = (IResource) ((IAdaptable) selectedObject)
                  IProject project = res.getProject();
                  System.out.println(."Project found: "+project.getName());


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I am trying to extend the cdt plugin with a new button: when the user
clicks on this button there starts a process which updates some files of a
project. However I would like to know which project is selected in the
Project Explorer so I can update only the files of the chosen project. If I
make this process via external tool I can use the environment variable $
{project_name}: is there a way I can find the same information via Java

Thanks in advance,
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