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[cdt-dev] Using eclipse with an already existing project

Hi List,

I have recently joined a (linux) project, which has a complete directory structure, and makefiles.
My objective is to work on the current project tree, as will be somewhat detailed below, from within the eclipse.
For this, I opened a new project, using the root directory of my project tree.

The project has currently been developed with other Linux tools such as vi and emacs, and is roughly consisted of this directory structure:
1. $APP/   -  This directory contains most of the components of the system. Each component has its own makefile in its build list, however, the entire application's
makefile is given in another directory - $INF
2.  $INF/ - the directory contains the makefile and a lot of other makefiles (all are created by using qmake). It is a pretty complicated build.

In the existing environment I have no problem of editing files, building components, and building the entire application.

However, when I tried to create an eclipse project, things got really complicated for me.
At the moment, all I could do is to create a new project with the $APP folder, as I described above.

However, I had the following problems:
1. I could not use the makefile in the $INF directory. I would like to be able to use this makefile, and have Eclipse somehow recongize
the include paths (i.e. -I )- so that the indexer could recognize header files which are included in the  <someFile.hxx> form.

2. Code browsing - Having the ability to open every include file, or every definition with a single F3 click
This is a clarification for the problem listed in one. If there is some sort of work around, that does not include a sisyphean copy-paste work,
I would like to know how I can do it.

3. Being able to run a qmake command prior to the make command - and having the option to turn off the qmake option.
In my environment, a qmake is first invoked to create the makefiles.

4. For some reason I could not  use environment variables such as $APP, but had to use a full name (such as /user/ronb/views/ ..... ) . This could be problematic, becasue
the files are under source control (clear case), which means that if I want to use the Eclipse project on another computer, I will have to re-create it.
Is there any way to work around this?

I have been searching the mailing lists for solutions but couldn't find them, so I hope you can help me with that.

I would like to emphasis that keeping


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