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RE: [cdt-dev] Preparsed Index Setup Questions

Thanks for the tip Andrew. I'll do some more experimentation and post patches for the mods I've made for you to look over.

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Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 7:21 AM
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Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] Preparsed Index Setup Questions

hi Tim,

> The project PDOM is the same size, same headers and added, and about the
> same time to re-index whether or not the preparsed index is used.

This sounds like a problem with the IIndexLocationConverter - if the paths
of includes the indexer requests do not align with those contained in the
pre-built index, then you get a situation like a cache miss and the file will
be indexed anyhow. For an external SDK, its likely that you can use
initialized with the URI of the logical base of the index content. For example,

Running some quick benchmarks against HEAD, I see improvements like
        helloworld:        20KiB -> 20KiB, 3s -> 1s
        'agenda' user application: 8MiB -> 940KiB, 12s -> 9s

The time improvement is more modest than I expect for the second case. The parsing
(not resolution) phase seems to be taking longer - I'll try to find some time to see

> 1) Only one preinclude is allowed (-include arg) when generating a PDOM.
> I have a fix for that if we want to allow > 1 preinclude, which I don't
> know why we wouldn't.
> 2) Only one source path is allowed (-source arg). I have a partial fix
> for that, adding multiple linked directories to be indexed under the
> dummy project.

The default command-line (ExternalExportProjectProvider) is very simple. You
can provide an alternate implementation with the -pprovider switch, but these
do sound like good enhancements to have - if you're happy to raise a
bugzilla I'll aim to pick these up.

> 3) PDOM generation runs out of memory with too many source files. I can
> log a bug which I can reproduce, but can't provide sources.

I've not seen this - a bugzilla with details such as number of files, heap size
etc.. is a good idea.



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