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[cdt-dev] Preparsed Index Setup Questions

Hi - I'm having some trouble benchmarking the use of prebuilt indexes.
I've set up our Carbide.c++ builder on top of CDT 4.0.3 per the ISV docs
"Pre-built indexes in CDT 4.0" (good docs BTW) and built an index of our
"include" directory which contains all  required source headers.

However, when I run debug diagnostics with and without a prebuilt PDOM I
get identical results.
The project PDOM is the same size, same headers and added, and about the
same time to re-index whether or not the preparsed index is used.

I got as far as debugging
ReadOnlyPDOMProviderBridge#getIndexFragments(...) and the preparsed PDOM
appears to be successfully added. But then I'm not certain if anyting is
ever done with it. So I thought I'd ask before digging deeper.

Anyone done any size/time benchmarks when utilizing preparsed indexes?

-- Other misc ---
Couple of other related questions:

1) Only one preinclude is allowed (-include arg) when generating a PDOM.
I have a fix for that if we want to allow > 1 preinclude, which I don't
know why we wouldn't.
2) Only one source path is allowed (-source arg). I have a partial fix
for that, adding multiple linked directories to be indexed under the
dummy project.
3) PDOM generation runs out of memory with too many source files. I can
log a bug which I can reproduce, but can't provide sources.


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