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[cdt-dev] Profiling

Hi guys,

We currently have the need for integration of C profiling output with
Eclipse and the CDT.  I've been scouring the web for information on
anyone having done this before, and while a number of items have turned
up, it isn't clear that any are actively maintained/the way to go.

First there's TPTP, which has a number of views for Java profiling,
though no (as far as I can see) for C/C++ integration.  While everything
seems quite generic, documentation appears quite thin on the ground.

RedHat's Eclipse Oprofile integration, while not quite what we want,
does provide some CDT integration (and doesn't use TPTP).

EclipseColoroer, another Java based profiler (very old).  The
screenshots of the views appear closer to what we want than those
provided for Java profiling by TPTP.

Alain's email: says that
people were thinking about profiling in 2003. But I haven't seen
anything recently.

I was wondering does anyone have any experience or advice on profile
integration in Eclipse?  Pointers to any projects/documentation I've
missed would be greatly appreciated!



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