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Re: [cdt-dev] Profiling


I know it would be very useful in our organisation to be able to run a
single CPPUNIT test method and inspect the coverage of the code. I'm also
investigating a doxygen style commenting syntax for CPPUNIT to produce a
tracability matrix from test case implementation to the product code base.

I'm looking at something like this:

 * @testcase TestIntIncrement
 * @covers   int CIntWrangler::IntIncrementer(int nToBeIncremented)
 * @description
 * Calls IntIncrementer, passing the value 1
 * to the parameter nToBeIncremented. The
 * return value is obtained and if it is not
 * 2, the test fails.

I know this doesn't look at the case of multiple test cases being used to
cover one method, and it certainly doesn't take into account the actual
functional testing, but it does provide us with annother justification for
our safety case. Perhaps the idea could be expanded further.

I've subscribed to the hyades mailing list, so we could probably take the
matter there.

Oliver White
Software Engineer
Product Development
Westinghouse Signals Australia

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On the topic of profiling, I would like to mention the eclipse Hyades
project. Plans around profiling for CDT should be done with knowledge of
what is happening in the Hyades project as there may be potential for
re-use of data format and viewing technology.

 The Hyades project provides an open source platform for Automated         
 Software Quality (ASQ) tools, and a range of open source reference        
 implementations of ASQ tooling for testing, tracing and monitoring        
 software systems.                                                         
 By closely integrating ASQ tooling into the Eclipse development           
 environment, and providing effective tool interoperability among ASQ      
 tools and with other tools, the Hyades project aims to move software      
 quality practices earlier into the application development cycle, and     
 to allow a consistent and continuous approach to ASQ processes            
 throughout development, deployment and out into production.               
 For ASQ tool vendors and integrators, Hyades is delivering an             
 extensible framework and infrastructure that embraces automated           
 testing, trace, profiling, monitoring, and asset management.              
 Unlike test and trace tools available today, Hyades provides a unified    
 data model, a normative user experience and workflow, and a united set    
 of APIs and reference tools that work consistently across the range of    
 Hyades extends Eclipse beyond the traditional bounds of an IDE. The       
 goal of the Hyades project is to bring ASQ tools into the Eclipse         
 environment in a consistent way that maximizes integration with tools     
 used in the other processes of the software lifecycle. This enhanced      
 integration should reduce the cost and complexity of implementing         
 effective automated software quality control processes.                   
 Hyades is designed to support a full range of testing methodologies via   
 an open-source infrastructure layer through which ASQ tools can           
 interoperate. Tools' user interfaces are rendered through the Eclipse     
 workbench, and share data through an OMG-defined test profile model       
 implemented via the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF). Examples of         
 simple open-source test and trace tooling are provided by the project.    
 Additional Hyades-compatible vendor offerings are available as Eclipse    

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> At 11:14 AM 5/13/2003 -0400, Alain Magloire wrote:
> >It is not in the battle plan, .. but I'm bouncing some ideas
> >with my co-workers to put at least the framework for profiling in CDT.
> We wrote parsers for gprof and gmon files. We also wrote views for that
> data. We are discussing contributing them back, but we are crunched right

> now and don't have the time to package things up nicely. All of our work
> was done on 1.0.1, but we will be moving it to 1.1 soon -- we will
> check for interest after we are on 1.1 and have a list of requirements
> the core to make it work right.
> We did have make some changes in the core to support function and
> level navigation and of course the editor "subclass me to add your ruler"

> interface is a winner takes all kind of interface. There are some
> interesting interactions with build model and/or parser as well.

Very cool!

We certainly would like to put some framework in place.
And this time instead of playing catchup, you will be in the driving
seats 8-)

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