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RE: [cdt-dev] GUI Plugin Development

What kind of GUI do you need? In case you need a property-page then the
"org.eclipse.ui.propertyPages" extension point is what you need.
You could also contribute a tab to one of the already exsisting CDT
property page via the "org.eclipse.cdt.ui.cPropertyTab" extension-point.

Take a look at the org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.ui plug-in for the

Another idea that came to my mind is that we could allow using the
chared tool (tool-chain) options for the makefile projects as well as
for "managed" projects thus ISVs will be able to easily contribute the
UI controls you describe to the "Tool Settings" tab of the "C/C++
Build"->"Settings" property page by defining options in their tool-chain


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Hi all,

I have just ported C source to eclipse development environment and 
made a set of Makefiles what can compile the C code with various 
compilers for various microprocessors.

Now what I want to do is to be able to make a simple GUI which 
plugs-into eclipse and all it does is configures the type of build 
that the user needs to have. for example, it has drop down menus called:

Compilers: different compilers to chose from.

Microprocessors: Different microprocessors to chose from

Build Type: Source dependant defines.

Can someone please suggest the best place for me to start from? Like 
what process do I need to go through on eclipse project, what 
libraries do I need, what eclipse extension do I develop on? These 
kind of simple questions.


Asim Pervez Zaka
Firmware Engineer

Langer Road,
Felixstowe, Suffolk,
IP11 2ER

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