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[cdt-dev] GUI Plugin Development

Hi all,

I have just ported C source to eclipse development environment and made a set of Makefiles what can compile the C code with various compilers for various microprocessors.

Now what I want to do is to be able to make a simple GUI which plugs-into eclipse and all it does is configures the type of build that the user needs to have. for example, it has drop down menus called:

Compilers: different compilers to chose from.

Microprocessors: Different microprocessors to chose from

Build Type: Source dependant defines.

Can someone please suggest the best place for me to start from? Like what process do I need to go through on eclipse project, what libraries do I need, what eclipse extension do I develop on? These kind of simple questions.


Asim Pervez Zaka
Firmware Engineer

Langer Road,
Felixstowe, Suffolk,
IP11 2ER

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