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Re: [cdt-dev] Using the CDT Parser as a stand-alone module

Hi Rick,

> > The parser is decoupled enough that you can use it without Eclipse
> >
> Is it decoupled enough to bust out the source code separately so I can
> compile it with gjc into a jar?  That is, are there any internal Eclipse
> dependencies that the parser needs to build?  Frysk is being written
> mainly in Java with a few necessary C/C++ files(CNI for various bindings
> and what-not) and is statically compiled/linked using gcj/gcc.  I was
> hoping we could import the source code into Frysk like we did for CDT
> parser version 2.0 as it was totally standalone requiring no other
> Eclipse pieces to build.  Do you know if it is decoupled enough for that?

I tried to build the parser standalone earlier this year.  It was too
tricky to figure out exactly what the build time dependencies were.  I had
to give up after a while because there were dependencies on Eclipse
Platform components.  So the CDT 4.0 parsers are not decoupled in the same
sense that the 3.X parsers were.  However, at runtime, they don't need
Eclipse running.  I'm sure it's possible to decouple the code further to
allow a standalone build but that would require quite a bit of extra work.

Jason Montojo
IBM Toronto Lab

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