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Re: [cdt-dev] java 1.5

> Since I'm the one that vetoed last time I'll provide a bit of an update.
> I'm polling the stakeholders here.  This time around I'm making it tougher
> on them.  Last time I got a lot of vague assertions that there might be
> customers who were still stuck with 1.4 and they wanted me to vote -1 just
> to be safe.  This time, if they can't give me a clear example of a customer
> that cannot (as opposed to merely doesn't want to) move to 1.5, then I'll
> be voting +1 for switching to 1.5, as personally I think the switch is
> loooooong overdue.
> I'm giving people a few days to come out of the woodwork.  I'll let you
> know the outcome.
> As far as opening up HEAD for Ganymede, we were thinking of asking for this
> in another couple of weeks, as there are some new features we want to start
> mucking around with (more on that later).

Chris, Doug,

Thanks for the update, seems the issue is still alive. If any
assistance is wanted in the update process please let it know, doesn't
seem like a complex task, just a lot of files to go through...


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