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RE: [cdt-dev] java 1.5

Since I'm the one that vetoed last time I'll provide a bit of an update.

I'm polling the stakeholders here.  This time around I'm making it tougher
on them.  Last time I got a lot of vague assertions that there might be
customers who were still stuck with 1.4 and they wanted me to vote -1 just
to be safe.  This time, if they can't give me a clear example of a customer
that cannot (as opposed to merely doesn't want to) move to 1.5, then I'll
be voting +1 for switching to 1.5, as personally I think the switch is
loooooong overdue.

I'm giving people a few days to come out of the woodwork.  I'll let you
know the outcome.

As far as opening up HEAD for Ganymede, we were thinking of asking for this
in another couple of weeks, as there are some new features we want to start
mucking around with (more on that later).


Chris Recoskie
Team Lead, IBM CDT Team
IBM Toronto

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Uh, I don't think those are my exact words. I think it was more, "I don't
think I can hold them back any longer".

The CDT 4.0.x stream will continue to support Java 1.4. I don't think you
can switch in a maintenance release.

For Ganymede, or CDT'08, or whatever you want to call it, we need to decide
by the time the stream opens up. When that is, though, we're not sure. No
one has asked to open up the stream yet. So you are planning on vetoing,
please do so soon so that we can have the full discussion by that time.

Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead,

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> Doug said at the EclipseCON CDT BOF that it was a done deal. I.e.,
> we'll definitely be switching; probably just need to take care of the
> logistics.
> John
> At 04:47 AM 7/18/2007, Wieant Nielander wrote:
> >Ahum, with CDT4 on the road would it be possible to bring the switch
> >to java 1.5 back into motion, if I can remember from the last poll,
> >all but 1(veto) were in favor?
> >
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