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[cdt-dev] NFS benchmarks

Hello everyone,

I managed to finally get setup to do some NFS benchmarking and the numbers
last night.  I used Hummingbird NFS Maestro v9 to mount the NFS share to my
windows box which was running CDT.  I ran two scenarios:

NFS in lab (base 100 ethernet):
5047 seconds 84.12 mins

NFS via VPN (802.11g to my router at home, which in theory gets 6.0 Mbps
download and 800 Kbps upload )
5664 seconds 94.4 minutes

Compare these to our previous numbers...

local: 1565 seconds 26.1 minutes

SMB:  7429 seconds 123.82 minutes

remote indexing prototype:  1730.0 seconds or 28.83 minutes

So, NFS helped some, but not drastically so, and it's still about three
times slower  We're still talking about index times in hours, and we don't
find the performance acceptable.  Note as well that compared to our real
customer scenario, the test scenario has a VERY direct network topology
that is not very geographically distributed.  Hence, in the real world,
things are only going to get slower, because our real world scenario
involves customers accessing machines in other cities, other countries, and
sometimes other continents.

I can't foresee an EFS solution on its own being significantly faster than
this.  However, for some people the peformance may be sufficient, and even
our own proposal requires EFS support to allow certain operations to work
(e.g. opening files from index based views), so regardless we feel it's
important to support EFS in CDT and we are willing to spend resources on
that.  We are still intending to pursue our remote indexing solution in
parallel however, as so far it is the only solution on the table that meets
our needs.



Chris Recoskie
Team Lead, IBM CDT Team
IBM Toronto

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