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Re: [cdt-dev] Memory leak perhaps?

I have know way of knowing if you're seeing the same thing or not, but I
seem to get this in general with Eclipse M5 (haven't tried M5eh yet) when
I'm working on plugins.  If I'm developing/debugging all day it tends to
blow up on me in the mid afternoon with out of memory errors.  That
workbench that I'm using doesn't have CDT installed in it.


Chris Recoskie
Team Lead, IBM CDT Team
IBM Toronto

  From:   "Fedja Jeleskovic" <mrawd2@xxxxxxxxx>                            
  To:     cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx                                              
  Date:   14/03/2007 12:22 PM                                              
  Subject [cdt-dev] Memory leak perhaps?                                   

Hi there,

I am experiencing strange memory handling with use of the latest version of
Eclipse and CDT and it looks like there is a big memory leak in there
somewhere. Lately, whenever Eclipse hangs for different reasons (typically
at the end of the build) and I have to kill the Eclipse process, I loose
good chunk of my memory.

Mem:   2074484k total,   238936k used,  1835548k free, <- before I run
Mem:   2074484k total,  1835000k used,   239484k free, <- after the crash

Running Linux x86:
   Version: 3.3.0
   Build id: I20070222-0951
   Build id: 200703120600


ps. one more thing worth mentioning. I created several make targets for my
project. Couple for the top level (make  all and clean) and few more for
the subcomponents (make and clean). When I tried to run subcomponent make
to build just that one, it ended up building the whole thing and crashing
at the end. Is that a bug in Make Target window?
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