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[cdt-dev] Memory leak perhaps?

Hi there,

I am experiencing strange memory handling with use of the latest version of Eclipse and CDT and it looks like there is a big memory leak in there somewhere. Lately, whenever Eclipse hangs for different reasons (typically at the end of the build) and I have to kill the Eclipse process, I loose good chunk of my memory.

Mem:   2074484k total,   238936k used,  1835548k free, <- before I run Eclipse
Mem:   2074484k total,  1835000k used,   239484k free, <- after the crash

Running Linux x86:
   Version: 3.3.0
   Build id: I20070222-0951
   Build id: 200703120600


ps. one more thing worth mentioning. I created several make targets for my project. Couple for the top level (make  all and clean) and few more for the subcomponents (make and clean). When I tried to run subcomponent make to build just that one, it ended up building the whole thing and crashing at the end. Is that a bug in Make Target window?

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