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Re: [cdt-dev] Translation estimates

Thanks, Chris, for the clarification.  I'm sorry for causing confusion
within the community.  I wanted to fully disclose the translation schedule
we have here at IBM for reference; I did not intend to impose any deadlines
on the community.

I apologize again for any misunderstandings I may have caused,

Vivian Kong
IBM Canada Toronto Lab
Phone: (905) 413-6067
Email: vivkong@xxxxxxxxxx

  From:   Chris Recoskie/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA                                 
  To:     "CDT General developers list." <cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>             
  Date:   03/06/2007 07:26 PM                                              
  Subject Re: [cdt-dev] Translation estimates                              

Just to clarify, as there has been some confusion as to the nature of this
request and I've had a lot of questions here at the conference...

These are IBM internal deadlines (requested from us by the IES team, if you
know the workings here...) for translations and we are not trying to
indicate that we are trying to unilaterally imposing these deadlines on
CDT.  Vivian was just cutting and pasting their request to us verbatim and
it seems to have confused some people.  We have made the powers that be
aware of the fact that CDT is not on the same schedule as the platform and
so, as always, we're free to do whatever we want/need to do (as it should
be), and we are definitely NOT trying to tell everyone that they are
somehow bound to conform to these deadlines.

That being said, if we have estimates we can give to the translation teams
of how much churn there is going to be in the UI strings, we can prepare
them somewhat for our ongoing changes.  So, if people know that they are
going to be changing large chunks of the UI in the near future, it would
make our lives easier if you can do us a favour and give us a heads up.  If
the changes can't be foreseen, giving us a heads up when you do a major UI
checkin after the fact would also be helpful instead.  It's not practical
to do this for every change of course and obviously everyone is busy, so
any help we can get on this will be hugely appreciated, especially given
that no one is bound in any way to participate :-)

As far as turning on errors/warnings for non-externalized strings in the
non-test plugins, I'm all for it... +1 from me.

Thanks everyone,


Chris Recoskie
Team Lead, IBM CDT Team
IBM Toronto

  From:   Vivian Kong/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA

  To:     "CDT General developers list." <cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>

  Date:   06/03/2007 02:44 PM

  Subject [cdt-dev] Translation estimates

Hi everyone,

Back in January I posted our translation schedule to the dev list.  Just to

>These are the builds from which translatable strings and properties files
will be extracted for translation:

Drop1:            02/02
Drop2:            02/23 (M5+2)
Drop3:            03/16
Drop4:            04/06 (M6+2)
Drop5:            04/20 - VOLUME NEEDS TO BE VERY LOW FOR THIS ONE.<

There have been a lot of changes made to HEAD after CDT M5 (namely the new
project model).  This has a big effect on our translation estimates and I
would like to update our estimated word counts for the upcoming drops 3, 4
and 5.  I would like to know:

1) What changes are you planning to make in CDT 4.0 that will affect the
volume of translatable strings,
2) What is the approximate word count (just a guess), and
3) When do you plan to commit these changes?

I'd really appreciate it if I can get these numbers by Thursday.

Would it also be possible to get these changes in by the M6 timeframe?
Since our last major translation drop is targeted for M6+2.

I'd like to suggest turning on the NON-NLS string warnings in all CDT
plugin projects except tests.  We can check this setting into HEAD so all
errors can be caught.


Vivian Kong
IBM Canada Toronto Lab
Phone: (905) 413-6067
Email: vivkong@xxxxxxxxxx

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