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[cdt-dev] can the scanner discovery API be extended?

Hi all,


I’m currently investigating at how to better fit the ScannerDiscoveryProfile functionality with the New Project Model. The thing I want to achieve is to avoid functionality duplication, i.e. I’d like to reuse the reversed back Scanner Discovery functionality of the make.core plug-in in the new CDT Build System instead of duplicating this functionality.

I have a question regarding extending the Scanner Discovery API.

I noticed that to extend e.g. the IScannerConfigBuilderInfo interface the new IScannerConfigBuilderInfo2 interface was created instead of extending the IScannerConfigBuilderInfo directly although, as I understand, the IScannerConfigBuilderInfo is not supposed to have custom implementations.

Is there any reason for doing this? And in case I want to add some new methods to e.g. the IScannerConfigBuilderInfo2, or ScannerConfigInfoFactory2, should I create the new xxx3 interfaces or can just extend the existing xxx2 interfaces?




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