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RE: [cdt-dev] exclude certain files or subdirectories from a projectroot directory

Hi Jun,

this proposal IMO is outdated already, and AFAIK, linked resources are
meanwhile working on any level, but nested project support (i.e.
physically overlapping projects) is not reflected in the Eclipse
platform resource model.

For your problem, using linked resources seems to be a solution.
However, this means not excluding from, but rather explicitely
collecting all files and directories into a project (which itself can be

I would love to see a real exclusion approach provided by the Eclipse
platform, but AFAIK, nothing like this is planned.

You also may want to look at, which due to John
Arthorne's comment seems to be the main bugzilla entry for all kind of
resource model related issues.



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> Not sure if this is a newbie question.
> Whenever I import a directory into eclipse as a project, it
> automatically collects all files and subdirectories under it into the
> project.  How do I exclude some of them from getting into the project?
> I searched web and found the flexible project structure project which
> supposedly fixes the problem.  However I don't see any follow-through,
> nor do I see any menu or buttons that allow me to do that inside
> Eclipse.
> roposal.html
> I am also interested in placing the output outside the root 
> and project
> may include some files outside its root directory (overlapping).
> I use Eclipse 3.2, the latest one.
> Cheers.
> Jun
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