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[cdt-dev] CDT-Windows (MSVC)


I'm using the 4.0 branch builds, and wanted to try/test the MSVC plugin.

* Where do I adapt the paths in the MSVC projects?

  Every path (macro/environment) starts with "nullVC"
   e.g. INCLUDE = "nullVC\Include;nullVC\Include\Sys;nullInclude;nullInclude\gl;D:\Win16App\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\SDK\v1.1\include\"

* Also, where did the MinGW target go? Can't select this anymore. There is now only cygwin and Windows (using MSVC). Or is the MSVC plugin overwriting the MinGW, because I think the MinGW targets were also called Windows?

Are these bugs and if yes, are these already reported?

BTW., I must admit that CDT4.0 looks like a lot of improvement work. I'm really impressed, e.g. by the PDOM, content assist and syntax highlighting.

Is there a way to set the color of the vertical bar (where you can un-/fold code)? Though, if I want to have a dark editor scheme, this bar is a little annoying in color.

I'm still thinking about something like:
 * add unit test support extension
 * code coverage support using gcc/gcov


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