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[cdt-dev] How to modify build command

I have a new project wizard page (
that modifies the include paths and lib paths to automatically add MPI
information to a new project.
I also want to change the build command (from gcc, for example, to mpicc)

To change the include/lib paths etc. I loop thru the configurations, from
each IConfiguration get the tools,
from each ITool get the option, and in the IOption, if getValueType()
equals something I'm looking for, like IOption.INCLUDE_PATH,
I add something to the list of values, do a ManagedBuildManager.setOption()
and then eventually ManagedBuildManager.saveBuildInfo().
I don't see the build command as a value in any of the tools or options
I've enumerated through.
How do you set it?

(Is there a better way to do the above setting of include paths, lib paths,



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