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[cdt-dev] New version of HP C/C++ remote developer plug-in is released

Hi Folks,
HP announces the release of new version of HP C/C++ Remote Developer

This plugin allows you to edit C/C++ code using the Eclipse (IDE) on a
Windows or Linux machine while providing you with the ability to
compile, run, and debug that code on HP-UX Integrity (Itanium IA-64
machine) / HP 9000 (PA-RISC) machine.

This release gives a choice to use rsh or ssh as protocol to connect to
remote system from local Linux or windows machine.
Navigation, Content Assist and Search functionality are enhanced by
adding the standard include directories from HP-UX system on project

This plug-in works with Eclipse 3.2  

Please visit the website	

for more information.

Thanks n Regards,
Ruchi Arora

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