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AW: [cdt-dev] Vivian Kong for committer


Norbert Ploett 

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Von: cdt-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:cdt-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx] Im Auftrag von Chris Recoskie
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 5. Oktober 2006 21:32
An: cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Betreff: [cdt-dev] Vivian Kong for committer

Hello Committers,

I would like to nominate Vivian Kong for commit rights to the CDT project.
Vivian has been an integral part of my team for several months and has been
pestering me with many wonderful patches :-)

Here is a list of some items she's worked on:

 ID  Se P Pl Assignee   Reporter  Sta Reso Targ         Summary         
     v  r t                       tus luti etM                          
        i                              on                               
 158 bl P PC recoskie@ vivkong@ca RES FIXE 3.1. Eclipse failed to       
 373 o  3   O        1    launch for German and   
             m                                  Spanish translations    
 158 bl P PC recoskie@ vivkong@ca VER FIXE 3.1. C/C++ Template          
 402 o  3   I        1    preference page didn't  
             m                                  get translated prop...  
 148 ma P PC vivkong@c janees.ek@ RES FIXE 3.1. New Class wizard does   
 790 j  3 O        1    not give error when     
                                                entered a class...      
 155 no P PC recoskie@ vivkong@ca RES FIXE 3.1. C/C++ Search is case    
 236 r  3   O        1    sensitive when "Case    
             m                                  sensitive" chec...      
 156 no P PC recoskie@ vivkong@ca RES FIXE 3.1. C/C++ Search needs type 
 565 r  3   O        1    filtering               
 158 no P PC recoskie@ vivkong@ca RES FIXE 3.1. Incorrect C/C++         
 370 r  3   O        1    Preference F1 Help for  
             m                                  Make/Managed Build...   
 482 en P PC recoskie@ thomasf@qn RES FIXE 3.1. Implement sticky hover  
 08  h  3      O        1    help support            
 143 en P PC recoskie@ coolman545 RES FIXE 4.0  Ctrl + Shift + /        
 453 h  3 3@xxxxxxxx O             doesn't function        
             m         m                        properly                

Vivian is currently working on expanding the JUnit infrastructure
surrounding the indexer as well, and is going to be contributing to our
work in indexer land for CDT 4.0.

I think Vivian would make a great addition to the CDT team, so I ask for
all CDT Committers to vote on this nomination.  Valid votes are +1 (in
favour), -1 (veto), and +/- 0 (abstain).

As per the Eclipse Charter and the Tools Project Charter, the vote will
remain open for one week.  If there are at least 3 positive votes and no
vetoes, then the vote will pass.

I'll start the voting... +1 :-)


Chris Recoskie
Team Lead, IBM CDT Team
IBM Toronto

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