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Re: RE: [cdt-dev] Possible additions to Wiki

Doug Schaefer wrote:

> Certainly the release notes is something we desperately need, along with a
> good New and Noteworthy for milestones and releases.

Until we have a proper initiative, how accurate is generating a list of changes based on
CDT Bugzilla entries?

> As for Plug-ins for CDT, I think I'd be O.K. with it as long as it points
> into Eclipse Plug-in Central,, which is
> the official Eclipse place where people should be going to find this
> information. Having shortcuts with a CDT focus would be a great idea.

That certainly sounds like the better solution, since it would avoid duplication. The only
catch I see at the moment is that there doesn't seem to a suitable way to filter by targeted
module. The nearest I got waas using a search, but this doesn't seem like the best solution.


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