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AW: [cdt-dev] Re: Moving CDT 4.0 to Java 1.5

Yes Doug,

> But I do like to hear negative opinions on moving even if you don't
want to
> veto. We do need to make sure this is the right thing to do.

in my experience I have some pretty conservative clients regarding the
development environment so I suspect there will be some telefone calls
once I start distributing 1.5 dependent versions of CDT or my plugins.
Nothing that can't be overcome, given that Java versions can live side
by side, just a little rumbling.

Personally I'd like to use some of the 1.5 features in my code :-)
So personally I won't be too unhappy if the currently visible majority
wins the vote.

But Siemens A&D votes 0 (that's possible too, right?)

Norbert Ploett

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