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RE: [cdt-dev] Re: Moving CDT 4.0 to Java 1.5

Uh, yes, I mean veto. If one person can't move, then none of us can move.
There's nothing wrong with that. But it is really meant for the situation
where the user doesn't have the choice to move to 1.5, for example on
earlier Mac OS X versions where a 1.5 version is not available. Moving to
1.5 means they wouldn't be able to use the CDT at all.

Personally, if the user has the choice, I don't know why they wouldn't move.
You can still develop apps for 1.4 using the 1.5 to run Eclipse and build
against 1.4. It may be an illusion (or delusion), but it seems peppier too.

But I do like to hear negative opinions on moving even if you don't want to
veto. We do need to make sure this is the right thing to do.

Doug Schaefer
QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead

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john.cortell@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Since it's been declared that everyone has veto power, I think it's 
> not unreasonable for someone to submit a counter-argument. If this 
> was a majority vote, I would have kept quiet and let the tally speak 
> for itself. I'll also refrain from any further debate on this subject.

I think I misunderstood the voting here.  I did not mean to veto the 
move 1.5.0, just to vote no if there is a majority vote.  Because I'm 
pretty new to the Eclipse platform, I don't have a strong enough feel 
about this to request a veto.

- Corey

Corey Ashford
Software Engineer
IBM Linux Technology Center, Linux Toolchain
Beaverton, OR

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