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[cdt-dev] Running the C/C++ Indexer in a product

    I have implemented the 'ScannerConfigurationDiscoveryProfile' extension (mainly by changing gcc TO Mygcc).
This works perfectly when testing in the run-time workspace.
In this case, I noticed that the C/C++ indexer runs at the start, & resolves any earlier (related) warnings.
Next, I created a 'product' for my plugin.
When I run this product, I don't see the C/C++ Indexer running.
As a result, all the previous warnings & problem markers from previous runs remain as it is.
Note that the correct directories are added in the 'Virtual Include list' of the
C/C++ projects view. Even content assist features work for these headers.
It looks like I've left out something small which is causing this problem.
Any ideas what it could be?
Another related doubt - Does the C/C++ Indexer run continously as a background thread, or
does it execute only at launch/startup time?

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