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[cdt-dev] Order of tool invocation

  The MBS invokes tools in the correct order, i.e. broadly: compile - <assemble> - link
Apart from these standard tools, my toolchain has additional tools which should fit
into specific stages of the build process.
E.g. 'toolABC' builds ".cla" files and generates a header file <hdr1.h>, which is included in a ".c" file built by the C compiler tool
The dependency file (.d) generated by the C compiler handles the .c <-> .h dependencies.
How can I ensure that 'toolABC' is invoked before the C compiler tool?
Is there an existing class which can be used to specify/edit the tool invocation order?
Currently, I workaround this by using the 'additionalInput (additionalDependency)' attribute.
But this introduces a huge drawback - everytime there's a small change in a single .cla file, all .c files are rebuilt.
This is rather painful when the project is big, and contains a large number of .c sources.
Any help would be appreciated.

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