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[cdt-dev] Problem with handling dependencies

  My toolchain built over the MBS consists of 2 tools among others:
- C compiler
- abc compiler
The C compiler uses "org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.makegen.gnu.DefaultGCCDependencyCalculator" as the
dependency Calculator.
The 'abc compiler' compiles a ".cla" file to generate a ".o" file and a "abcvar_%.h" file
abcvar_%.h is included in my C source file, and as expected, the generated dependency (.d) file
lists this header as a dependency.
When I change the .cla file, I expect the C source to be recompiled (since abcvar_%.h) is regenerated.
However, this seems to work randomly and not consistently.
Is there anything extra needed in the case when a dependency is a "generated" file from the previous build step?

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