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Re: [cdt-dev] Rebuilding managed build project on properties change

>> Take a look at
> If I'm reading that document correctly, in order to implement toochain-level 
> options I'd need the following:
>    1. Implement new ValueHandler.
>    2. Define new option, specifying the ValueHandle
>    3. Make my ValueHandler store options somewhere.
>    4. Derive from GnuMakefileGenerator and modify it so that it adds extra
>    command line options to tools, depending on values set in (3)
>    5. Arrange for my project to use my class derived from  
>    GnuMakefileGenerator, instread of GnuMakefileGenerator itself, which
>    can be done by editing the 'buildfileGenerator' attribute of the
>    'builder' element of the <toolChain> element for my project type.
> Is the right approach? Is there a better one?

It depends a bit on the exact situation, if your global options affect tool
specific options in the UI (properties dialog) you should use the
valueHandler to propagate changes on the fly. But if your global options
only influence the command line of one or more tools you can use another
approach which is to specify a commandLineGenerator per tool. This
commandline generator can then retreive the global toolchain-level options
and convert them to the appropriate tool specific command line options. As
far as I can see this does not require you to store your global options nor
does it require you to specify your own GnuMakefileGenerator subclass.

> Assuming it is, how will auto-clean work for global options. The
> Configuration.needsRebuild method appear to ignore global options
> completely, so even if I edit a global option, Configuration.needsRebuild
> will return false.
> Likewise, I want global option to affect options of several tools. If that 
> logic is contained in a class derived from GnuMakefileGenerator, then a 
> change in global option won't case Tool.needsRebuild() for the affected tool 
> to return true. Should I call setRebuildState() manually?

If I understood Mikhail correctly the ToolChain MBS object should maintain
its own rebuild state, so I guess the idea is that changing any toolchain
level option should enforce a rebuild?
I am however also in the process of switching to toolchain-level options
and seem to experience the same issues.


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