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Re: [cdt-dev] character encoding problems

> 1. convert the files to valid UTF-8 and also mark 
>    them as UTF-8 in the project preferences
> 2. replace the offending characters with plain ASCII.
> I'd prefer option 1 and I could also do the conversion
> if nobody objects.
> BTW, it is probably a JVM-dependent issue how
> the builtin decoding methods handle encoding problems.
> The Sun JVM on Windows replaces malformed input bytes
> and unmappable characters by default (as e.g. in Charset#decode()),
> instead of reporting errors.


If I check the default CVS server encoding it appears to be Cp1252 on my
windows machine and ISO-8859-1 on my linux machine, might this problem have
been caused due to such a setting, e.g. file has been checked in on Windows
using Cp1252 server encoding and checked out on PowerPC using UTF-8 server

And what is the default Eclipse CVS repository encoding btw, I couldn't
find it on the Using_Eclipse_and_CVS wiki page?


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