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AW: [cdt-dev] character encoding problems

Hi Toni,

thanks for offering support.

As for "my" sourcefile in  157112 I have changed the offending Umlauts from my name to plain ASCII.

Is there an eclipse-internal way to convert to UTF-8. I don't know of any tool which can do it.



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There are two solutions:

1. convert the files to valid UTF-8 and also mark 
   them as UTF-8 in the project preferences

2. replace the offending characters with plain ASCII.

I'd prefer option 1 and I could also do the conversion
if nobody objects.

BTW, it is probably a JVM-dependent issue how
the builtin decoding methods handle encoding problems.
The Sun JVM on Windows replaces malformed input bytes
and unmappable characters by default (as e.g. in Charset#decode()),
instead of reporting errors.


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> I've been trying to debug some issues on PowerPC Linux and 
> have been unable
> to build CDT due to encoding problems on a couple of source 
> files.  I have
> filed 157112 and 157113 to track these.
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