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Re: [cdt-dev] Storing project settings

> I agree with your idea in the sense of having one file containing all
> CDT-specific settings. And it is currently proposed to implement this
> for the 4.0, i.e. there could be only one xml file with extendible
> syntax, named e.g. ".cproject" that would hold the CDT-specific project
> settings.

Ok, indeed mentioned in your new Project Model design document, next time
i'll check it before...  Currently the referred settings are project
global, but the idea is to allow per-CConfiguration settings, and that
seems to be covered nicely.

> BTW, the current ICDescriptor framework seems to allow extending the
> .cdtproject file syntax and storing custom data in it (see the
> ICDescriptor.get/setProjectData() methods).
> As for the .project file, it is maintained by the "workspace resources"
> framework and holds workspace project general settings.
> The .project file syntax itself is not extendible and we're not going to
> change this. Note though that the resources framework provides several
> standard mechanisms of storing per-project settings without creating a
> new .xxx file. E.g. via project-scoped preferences or by specifying the
> build spec arguments, i.e.
> ICommand cmds[] = IProjectDescription.getBuildSpec();
> cmds[i].setArguments(Map);

We switched off from using the 'persistent properties' mechanism, as these
seem to be stored outside of the project, thus tend to get lost when
exporting the project and are more difficult to incorporate in source code
control. Also the hierarchy is getting too complex to catch in basic
key=value pairs, hence the idea to switch to a special xml file, but we'll
investigate your suggestions.


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