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RE: [cdt-dev] Storing project settings

Hi Wieant,

I agree with your idea in the sense of having one file containing all
CDT-specific settings. And it is currently proposed to implement this
for the 4.0, i.e. there could be only one xml file with extendible
syntax, named e.g. ".cproject" that would hold the CDT-specific project
BTW, the current ICDescriptor framework seems to allow extending the
.cdtproject file syntax and storing custom data in it (see the
ICDescriptor.get/setProjectData() methods).

As for the .project file, it is maintained by the "workspace resources"
framework and holds workspace project general settings.
The .project file syntax itself is not extendible and we're not going to
change this. Note though that the resources framework provides several
standard mechanisms of storing per-project settings without creating a
new .xxx file. E.g. via project-scoped preferences or by specifying the
build spec arguments, i.e.
ICommand cmds[] = IProjectDescription.getBuildSpec();


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I'm looking for a way to save some project specific settings. Apparantly
CDT projects already contain 3 different files for this purpose:
 .project, .cdtproject and .cdtbuild
Is there a specific reason to have 3 different files for holding project
settings, all 3 are xml based so could be combined I guess?

Point is that I couldn't find a way to extend any of these 3 files to
our specific settings, so I added yet another dot-file to hold them
instead. But all these dot-files are starting to show ugly/confusing,
instead of every isv/extender adding more dot-files couldn't we have a
common (e.g. IMemento like) way of storing this type of settings in a
single project file.

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