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RE: [cdt-dev] Minutes Indexer Call

I'm just going to pick on one item for now:

   Enable remote indexing by decoupling the parser from the core as much as
   possible.  This way the indexer can be deployed as its own JAR file and
   be run as an agent on the remote system.  Part of this will involve as
   well decoupling the indexer from any hard dependencies on having an
   Eclipse project (although such information should of course be used if

I understand the requirement is to deal with source code that resides only
on the remote system (mind you it has to be brought locally to edit.)

I don't understand how that requirement drives you to the solution of
extracting parts of the CDT into a separate jar file to be run outside the
context of the eclipse runtime and resources plugins. Going forward we need
to add more knowledge of the CModel to the parser frameworks to allow us to
take advantage of configurations as added by Mikhail S, and to deal with the
Eclipse File System (EFS) that provide views on the file system for very
large projects.

For offline indexing proposed by Symbian, I can envision invoking the
indexer as a headless RCP application. Could we not do the same in your


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