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RE: [cdt-dev] Minutes Indexer Call

Seems like there is some overlap in what we all are planning to do.
I guess we need to make some more detailed clarification and
synchronization of our plans and functionality we're planning to do for
the 4.0.
To start the ball rolling I've posted the initial draft of the New
Project Model design to the bugzilla:

I hope the design could serve as the base and synchronization point for
different enhancements planned to be done for leveraging the CDT 4.0 in
the areas of better multi-language support, better usability and
integrity, etc.

Your comments are highly appreciated.


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Sorry that I couldn't make it :-(

IBM is looking to work on some things.  These have been posted in the
for 4.0 but don't have Bugzillas yet and aren't fleshed out too much

   Enable remote indexing by decoupling the parser from the core as much
   possible.  This way the indexer can be deployed as its own JAR file
   be run as an agent on the remote system.  Part of this will involve
   well decoupling the indexer from any hard dependencies on having an
   Eclipse project (although such information should of course be used
   Provide a mechanism for allowing better customizeability of the
   used by the parser.  Right now no matter how many ILanguages you
   associate with a given content type, CDT will only use the first
   language it finds.  We need a mechanism for users to specify what
   ILanguage they want to be used on their files.
   Investigate using parser generation to provide an ILanguage and
   associated parser.  Right now there are many slightly different
   of C and C++ that people want to support, and even if we solve #2
   it will be a real pain for everyone if the all have to reinvent the
   wheel just to get the basic C/C++ parsing portion or the parser for
   their language variant.  My pie-in-the-sky idea is that we could
   the parsers via grammars and generate them, so then people could
   possibly reuse or even perhaps extend existing grammers to provide
   Provide a parser for Unified Parallel C.

This list may not be exhaustive :-)

Chris Recoskie
Team Lead, IBM CDT Team
IBM Toronto


             Doug Schaefer


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Hey gang,

We had a quick indexer call yesterday. Unfortunately only Bala and
from Symbian and Dave D from Wind River were able to attend. We?ll have
another call in a couple of weeks. Please let me know if you want to

Symbian will be working on off-line indexing. Their focus will be on
able to build index for SDK?s such as Symbian?s OS header files, and
something I?d like to use for QNX?s Neutrino headers as well. I?m sure
others will find this useful as well as for cygwin and Linux headers.
be interesting to see if we can use it for large projects as well that
into account file changes after the index is built off-line.

There are a number of things to consider, e.g. composite indexes versus
importing external indexes, as well as how to build the index offline
share it with others, including file path changes. They will start
on a proposal and will be creating a bug report to share their ideas and
receive feedback and discussions.

Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead, Tools PMC member

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