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[cdt-dev] Language-independent index ?

what do you think about language-independent index, in general ?
You see that current CDT version treats C and C++ as different
languages, so for C/C++ mixed project names defined in C files
are not visible in C++, vice versa.
In principle, PDOM can be language-neutral, but currently it
stores C and C++ specific objects - mostly for handy visual
representation in different treeviews. From navigation's point
of view, definition, declaration and reference is enougth.
So, may be we could (in future) store some language-independent
names to index ? The only component-specific value can be some
integer index related only to graphic representation (icon), not to
real object meaning.

Each language (C, C++, C#, Fortran) would provide their own
mapping from their object kinds to corresponding icons.
Other information (file, position etc) can be the same for
every language.
In this case, we can have only one (optimized ?) indexing
engine for all languages. Specific language implementations
will be responsible for parsing only, in fact.

With best regards, Oleg Krasilnikov
Software designer, Eclipse team.
Intel corp.
+7 8312 162 444 ext. 2587
(Russia, Nizhny Novgorod)

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