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[cdt-dev] CDT fall conference dates

Hi All,


Once there were some talks on the last Monthly call regarding having the CDT fall conference in September, I have to raise the question regarding the final conference dates now, since I will need for at least 1.5 month for travel arrangements (obtaining visa, etc.)


So please speak up your preferences regarding the conference dates to this thread so that we could come to the final decision ASAP.


I would personally prefer the conference to be held in the end of September or later, but in case most of the participants prefer the conference to be held a bit earlier, I would be OK with that, but I’m afraid that July-August would not be sufficient for me.


Doug, I also think it would be good to create a new page on the CDT wiki dedicated to the forthcoming conference and describe the conference details (dates, any participation requirements, etc.) there.




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