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RE: RE: [cdt-dev] Beyond CDT 3.1

On Wed, 2006-07-05 at 15:24 +0000, Doug Schaefer  wrote:
> At some point we need to be able to release components that sit on top
> the basic CDT on separate schedules. Sounds like the time is now.
> There maybe some issues that require extension points defined by 3.1.1
> make this happen code wise. But lets do it and get it done to enable
> We should consider doing this for the gnu toolchain as well. I've
started my
> .Net/Mono support and will have toolchain support there that I'd like
> deliver separately. You'd probably not want the GNU toolchain on
Windows if
> it turns out our C++.Net support really rocks. But that may have to
wait for
> CDT 4.0.

Just wondering - are we having any involvement from the Mono project on
the .NET/Mono support in CDT that you've mentioned?  I've been pinging
them separately but I haven't heard whether they are involved.

Matt Ryan
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Architect - Developer Tools
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