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CDT IntelliSense slooooow -> Re: [cdt-dev] EclipseCDT debugging -> too slow

I'm increasing the topic. I have moved from the laptop to workstaion (HP Proliant HT Xeon 3.06GHz, 2G Ram, RAID 5 on 10K scsi discs) -> running pretty fast

I'm running there SUN JRE 1.5 and Eclipse/CDT, version same as mentioned here already. Debugging runs slow - similar to speeds on my laptop, but I also tested IDE speed there.

I have a child class C (class A:B:C) and list of mebers after typing C-> takes about 3-5 seconds. I can see rise of heap on the bottom from 12M of 40M to about 40M of 70M. After pressing backspace and putting '>' again, I have to wait 3-5 seconds again. No caching or something similar?

After doing this a few times quickly (more quickly than gc's freeing of heap) I can go to 180M of 240M, but no speed increase.

This is only some other speed issue, there are more of them. It is just soo slow. Can you feel it also? Or is something broken with my configs (rechecked and renewed them more times). I know, 'JAVA is SLOW', but this slow?

I'm going to test SUN's JVM 1.6beta, hoping for some speed increase. But I really do not know, if this is an Eclipse or a CDT or a Java issue.

Any ideas? Because even if there are some speed issues, there is nothing comparable/great like EclipseCDT for C++ development on Linux afaik -> Borland's Kylix,uh,oh; Kdevelop/Anjuta - maybe later, CodeWarrior - uhh, that interface.... etc.


On 4/21/06, Bu Bacoo <bubacoo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
When debugging with GDB the same sources, it goes about 2times faster. But it is still not 'after step (or f5)' you just get it. There is still some waiting when making steps (from one Class/Object to other, inside one class or one source code file it goes faster).
It is about a half of time than in Eclipse.

Looks to me a litle slower than Eclipse on Windows and much slower than debugging the same sources under Visual Studio no Windows :-(

On 4/21/06, Thomas Fletcher <ThomasF@xxxxxxx> wrote:

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> Hello
> I'd like to ask you about your experience and opinions. From
> my point of view, debugging a C++ program in Eclipse/CDT is too slow.
> E.g. jumping into inherited constructor takes 1-2 seconds,
> method calls and switching to other source, again some seconds...
> I'm running, but it was so also in
> 3.0.1something... I have tried moving from Blackdown jvm to
> SUN's ( 1.5), but nothing big changed, maybe a little speedup.
> I'm running on 2GHz centrino with 1G Ram, so that should be
> no problem. On MS windows it runs somewhat faster, but maybe
> that is also just a feeling.
> Any way to speed it up? Hope Intel's Core DUO and 4G ram is
> not the only way. For example, I can see 10 of 40M heap size,
> maybe extending it? Or?

How does it perform compared to doing the same operations at the
GDB (assuming you are using GDB) level?  There is definitely a
larger overhead associated with synchronizing multiple data sources
(ie continuous display of backtrace, shared object states, registers
etc) that you don't have when running gdb that responds to a step
with (unless otherwise configured)


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