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[cdt-dev] Outline View Prettiness


I just had a look at the C outline view again and noticed how it is still
lacking details (function arguments, return types, etc.).

I figured out CElementLabels is responsible for the text in the outline
view. For most elements it simply prints the name ("myTestFunc", for
example). Then I noticed that IFunction does provide the information
necessary for more details (getParemeterTypes(), getReturnType()). A small
hack later I had an outline view providing function details, just like in
JDT "myTestFunc(int, char) : void".  <-- This looks WAY better.

This does not (yet) seem to be the case for IVariable, etc. (The element
does not provide info about the var type).

So my question is:
- Are there any plans to provide a more detailed outline view ( at least
function details could be implemented easily) for CDT 3.2 ?
- Or is this not reliable yet and that's why it has not been implemented ?

At least modifying CElementLabels would be simple. But CElementsLabels is
also a good example for a dirty JDT copy. It still contains flags and stuff
from JDT that don't make sense for CDT!

I could work on that.


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