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[cdt-dev] AST/DOM refactoring

As we mention befor we start with a term project that will implement 
refactorings for cdt.

Now we are a bit confused about so many implentations of dom, ast, scanner and 
parsers. We've looked now depper in the code and the documentation. But we 
still not sure where to start.

CModel (which use parser.ast and internal.core.parser) looks a bit out of date 
but is used in many package, is this right? So should we use instead CDOM 
(core.dom, core.dom.ast with the parser core.dom.parser.cpp and the scanner 
internal.core.parser.scanner2)? Or even the very new pdom (which use both 
CDOM and CModel)? Would the pdom get stable in the next days? This important 
because we've only 10 weeks left for our work.

Or the short form of all this question: Where should we start to add 
writabilty to perform refactorings (CModel, CDOM or anywhere else)?

Any help would be appreciated
Leo Büttiker

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