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Re: [cdt-dev] Eclipse and Proc

When i tried Proc and Eclipse CDT 2.0 this problem did not exist.

I will try again tommorow and provide exact versions as I cannot recall them right now.

Unfortunately I am not familiar with Java so do not know how much I can do to help resolve this problem.


On 4/18/06, Lott, Jeremiah <jeremiah.lott@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This is essentially the same bug as 75078.  You should probably add the
problematic messages to the bug, so that if this is ever fixed, it will
also solve your problem.  Sorry I don't have a good workaround, except
removing the erroneous markers manually.

  Jeremiah Lott
  TimeSys Corporation

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On Behalf Of Eftychios Eftychiou Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2006 11:04 AM
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Subject: [cdt-dev] Eclipse and Proc

> Hello Guys,
> I would like to congratulate you on great work done on CDT.
> I am currently evaluating the feasibility of using Eclipse CDT as a
> development and debugging environment
> for ProC applications(ProC is oracle C precompiler).
> I have worked with CDT (2.X) and Proc before and it worked fine
> however it lacked some
> functionality which I found out it is included now in CDT 3.X
> I just tried to compile such an application and it seems the error
> parser
> mishandles the output of the precompiler and considers it an error.
> Here is a typical example of the output:
> ----------------------------
> #proc INCLUDE=/home/online/source.37.02.000/lib/allsql
> INCLUDE=/home/online/source.37.02.000/lib/frntn loaddata.pc
> Pro*C/C++: Release - Production on Tue Apr 18 17:50:24 2006
> Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle.  All rights reserved.
> System default option values taken from:
> /u01/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1/precomp/admin/pcscfg.cfg
> ------------------------------
> CDT Lists the following line as an error
> Pro*C/C++: Release - Production on Tue Apr 18 17:50:24 2006
> Any recommendations would be great.
> Thanks
> Efty
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