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[cdt-dev] Macro escape char (and improved "include path dialog")

Test, 1, 2, 3. Is this thing on ? This is my first mail to the list.

Hi, I worked on an improvement for the FileListControl (Better Browse
Support for Managed Build include paths, etc.). See

This was when I realized that Macros can be escaped by the "\" char. On
windows file system paths will contain the "\" char, so this could be
confusing for the user. Especially since the "\" char itself does not have
to be escaped.

Example: C:\AFolder\${MacroFolder}\BFolder\file.txt won't resolve correctly
as "\${MacroFolder}" won't be resolved.

I'd rather like to see a different char as macro escape char. Maybe "$" or
something. Otherwise the path will have to look like this:


I'm not sure if the user will understand this "\\". Is there any
documentation for the user ? If you want to keep the "\" as escape char, I
will have to make the dialog (mentioned above, see bugzilla) produce "\\" if
a macro follows.

Any opinions ?


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