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[cdt-dev] Heads up, Monster commit coming

Hey gang,


The Team Synchronizing perspective is telling me I’m about to commit 472 files. I figure I’d better give a heads up since I’m about to make a significant change.


First of all, I am removing the old indexer framework, search engine, and type cache. As expected the impact is pretty significant. I’ve ported a number of the search features to the PDOM, but not all yet. Also, I have not ported the ctags and full indexers to the PDOM yet. I should be able to get these things up and running by the feature freeze in just over two weeks. I will then spend the time up to RC1 filling them out and then fixing critical bugs until GA.


The impact is severe but after I’m done, we’ll be in a great position to support new requirements, and the whole thing should be a lot faster/scalable/prettier.


The commit should happen in the next hour, once I wrap up some final sanity testing. I’ll send a note out when I’m done.


Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems

Eclipse CDT Project Lead, Tools PMC member



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