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RE: [cdt-dev] Doing work after a CDT launch completes

you mean when the "run" completes, not when the "launch" completes, right?

I think what you want to listen for is org.eclipse.debug.core.IDebugEventSetListener with
an implementation of handleDebugEvents()

See the call

DebugPlugin.getDefault().addDebugEventListener(IDebugEventSetListener listener);



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> Subject: [cdt-dev] Doing work after a CDT launch completes
> I am working on a simulation product that heavily uses CDT. 
> In my launch
> delegate, to launch a simulation (a C++ program) I create a 
> new working
> copy of the CDT launch delegate, set a bunch of attributes 
> and then call
> it's launch method directly (for some reason unknown to me the normal
> approach of calling DebugUITools.launch didn't work for me 
> with the CDT
> launch config type).
> After the simulation completes (the C++ program finishes 
> running) I want
> my plugin to do some more work, for example show a graph of 
> the results
> of the simulation. The problem is the CDT launch method starts the
> program and then returns before its execution completes, the launch
> method is asynchronous.
> Does anyone who is familiar with how CDT works have any suggestions on
> how I can synchronize my launch delegate with the CDT launch delegate
> when I call it? Are there any facilities for me to schedule an action
> for after the CDT launch completes?
> Thanks,
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> Ryan Boder
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