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[cdt-dev] Doing work after a CDT launch completes

I am working on a simulation product that heavily uses CDT. In my launch
delegate, to launch a simulation (a C++ program) I create a new working
copy of the CDT launch delegate, set a bunch of attributes and then call
it's launch method directly (for some reason unknown to me the normal
approach of calling DebugUITools.launch didn't work for me with the CDT
launch config type).

After the simulation completes (the C++ program finishes running) I want
my plugin to do some more work, for example show a graph of the results
of the simulation. The problem is the CDT launch method starts the
program and then returns before its execution completes, the launch
method is asynchronous.

Does anyone who is familiar with how CDT works have any suggestions on
how I can synchronize my launch delegate with the CDT launch delegate
when I call it? Are there any facilities for me to schedule an action
for after the CDT launch completes?

Ryan Boder

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