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RE: [cdt-dev] New Callisto Build Requirements

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  Will this qualifier be present on the "released" GA builds as well as the integration builds?  How about Milestone builds?  Just wondering what we should expect.  This always struct me as wierd when they don't because then the Eclipse update manager actually treats any qualifier as "newer" than no qualifier, meaning that if you don't put a qualifier on the final released version as far as it is concerned the pre-release integration builds are treated as "newer" than the actual release.
  Jeremiah Lott
  TimeSys Corporation
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Happy New Year everyone,


As part of fitting into Callisto (which is the big multi-project combined Eclipse release that will include CDT 3.1), we need to start using the fourth element of the version numbers (i.e. qualifier) for the plugins et al. For our builds, this will contain the datetime timestamp of when the build was started. This will allow the Eclipse gang to set up an update site where we can put all our integration builds (which will require each build to have a newer version number).


So how does this affect you?


First, you will see the version of the plugins et al change to ‘3.1.0.qualifier’. The qualifier text gets automagically changed at build time. This shouldn’t break anything. From what I’ve seen, when you use Eclipse’s export deployable feature, the qualifier simply gets removed and you are left with 3.1.0.


If you are doing your own builds, you will get the CVS tag as the qualifier, e.g. 3.1.0.HEAD. To change it to something useful, set the ‘forceContextQualifier’ property in your ant files to something useful. To avoid conflict with the “official” CDT releases, you might want to stick a letter in front so that it comes last alphanumerically so that your build will be picked first.


Let me know if you have any questions/concerns.


Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems

Eclipse CDT Project Lead,



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